Selected Poems and Prose


Short Summary

The Lament: Selected Poems and Prose is a short yet powerful and full of emotions and wonderful words that will leave an impression on the readers. Different feelings like gladness, joy, anxiety, longing, misery and sadness take flight from the book and toward the awareness and feelings of the readers–thus, a connection is established. A book that connects with the readers is definitely worth the time to read about. This is recommended for everyone to read, being brief yet interesting and captivating.

About the Author

Ercell H. Hoffman is the author of three books: The Acknowledgment, USA Anytime Anyplace, and A Journal of Thoughts, Dreams, and Impressions, with Tips on How to Stay Fat. She first began writing cards for Hallmark and has been published in poetry anthologies and newspapers. A practicing Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in Compton California.

Book Reviews

I tend to approach books of poetry with a bit of trepidation, knowing that the poet’s soul lies bare within the pages of their collections. I wasn’t sure what I would find in The Lament or how I would write a positive review if I didn’t enjoy or relate to the work. But I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised with this author. The Lament (Selected Poems and Prose) is insightful; beautiful and emotional; intense yet humble. Ercell H. Hoffman understands the human condition and is able to put into words the feelings most of us are unable to articulate. I especially liked The Birth of a Poem. I will proudly keep this volume alongside more prominent poets. If you enjoy poetry, I highly recommend The Lament.
B. Davis,
Amazon customer

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